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  1. How many pikks do you make each day?

    This varies depending on the day. Some days there will be multiple pikks, while other days may only have one pikk. The pikks are based on the confidence level for that selection.

  2. When do you send out pikks?

    Pikks are sent out a minimum of one hour before the start of the game (between 2:30pm-3:00pm PST for evening games), earlier if possible. While all pikks usually are sent out at the selected time, there will be times when additional pikks may be added later in the day. All pikks will be released a minimum of one hour prior to the start of the game.

  3. How do you send out pikks?

    This will be through the login to your account on the website. Notifications of when the pikks are available will be pushed out on several different networks (email, Instagram, twitter, etc.).

  4. Do you use an algorithm?

    Our system has been devised by years of sports handicapping both as a sports bettor and a book oddsmaker. I have had the advantage of not only being a sports bettor, I have also been the Oddsmaker for several “stand alone” sportsbook operations, setting and posting the odds for all games.

  5. How do you decide on how much to bet on each game?

    I subscribe to using between 1½ - 3% system. I use a 3% system for my bankroll wagers.

  6. Are your plays weighted?

    Absolutely. Regular pikks and best bets. Best bets being the selections with the most confidence. My best bets are at a higher rate (wager) than the regular pikks. For example, I use a 3% system for my regular selections. I double my bet amount for my best bets. If my regular wager is to win $100, then my best bet is to win $200.

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